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Therapies conducted in the therapist’s office:

Prices depend on the scope of therapy. Prices range from PLN 250 for 60-minute visit, to PLN 350 for a 90-minute visit comprising 2 or 3 types of neuro-reflex therapy. Complex therapies are recommended among others in Temprana Therapy at the therapist’s office, in therapies of eye disorders, in therapies of infertility and hormonal disorders, correcting faulty posture, spine diseases etc.

Those who compare prices of reflexology treatments in various therapists’ offices should carefully verify qualifications and experience of the therapist (education – diploma, participation in the Global Reflexology Network, whether the therapist is Lone Sorensen’s instructor, whether he is in touch with her and still undergoes continuous training, e.g. in the scope of Temprana Therapy).

 Temprana Therapy: various versions of courses for families

  1. Brief Temprana courses (recommended particularly in autoimmunological diseases, motor, hearing and vision diseases, hormonal disorders, infertility, in children with learning problems etc.)

mini course (one day course):  Euro 1200

participation in a group 2-day training course: Euro 1060

Training may be combined with therapy at the office (frequency of treatments agreed individually).

  1. Standard, full Temprana procedure recommended in rehabilitation of patients with brain damages or genetic disorders:

Initial consultations (2 hours): EUR 280

3-day training course for patient’s relatives: EUR 5265

planned consultations (up to 3 hours; in the first year of therapy every 3 months, in the next years every 6 months): EUR 385

constant contact with the therapist, among others current advice regarding work technique and reacting to unforeseen situations: free of chargé

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