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Lone Sorensen – Danish therapist living in Barcelona. She has been working as a therapist and reflexology instructor for 37 years.

Each therapy is individually adjusted to a given person and his disease, there is no scheme defining the period of therapy. The therapy is finished when deposits in neuro reflex zones in the face, hands and feet disappear.

In all kinds of therapies. Therapists do not commence therapy only in face of lesions of the brainstem.

It’s always an individual issue. In most cases, we conduct therapy once a week (1 or 1.5h). In the case of serious diseases of the immunological system, in neurological or genetic disorders, it should be offered more frequently. In extreme cases 4-6 times a week.

In each case you should talk to a therapist. However, the list of contraindications is not long. Neuro reflex therapies are very safe, since if a given area is affected, we can always work on reflex zones in other parts of the body.

No. However, the organism may react to stimulation of reflex points and zones. Sometimes it may be insomnia, rash, diarrhea. Reactions are desirable as they prove that the organism reacts to stimulation. In exceptional cases we deal with short-term increase of disease symptoms. An experienced therapist can conduct treatments also in such situation.

Temprana therapy is not a question of several days, but in many cases it takes several years. That is why the price of Temprana refers not only to the course for parents, which is tailor-made, i.e. very individualized. The therapist takes care of a given family for years, supervising the therapy. The therapy is a process. Sometimes more or less radical changes are required because of the plan of treatments. Families of children with severe neurological or genetic disorders are unanimous to state that the greatest progress was achieved after several months of treatments. It is worth assessing whether treatments in the therapist’s office (in such case several times a week) or training for parents will be less expensive. It is very important particularly in the case of a long distance from the therapist.

Most frequently, reflexology is connected with relax and aesthetic treatments. Of course, there are also treatments developed by Lone Sorensen, which improve the condition of skin and reduce wrinkles. However, the main stream of sorensensistemTM is therapy with special emphasis on neurological and genetic disorders. 150 thousand treatments performed by Lone Sorensen are not aesthetic therapies, but treatments in such difficult cases as: spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, autism, paralysis. It takes 1 to 2 weekends to learn aesthetic therapies. A basic course in facial reflexology takes six months. To become a Temprana therapist, you need one year more. Therefore, if somebody says he is a reflexologist, ask about his education, and diplomas obtained. Should you have any doubts, please contact us and we will verify the therapist’s entitlements.

Lone Sorensen
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