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The International Lone Sorensen Institute – the only licensed sorensensistemTM courses in Poland: Face Reflex Therapy, Temprana Therapy, Foot Neuro Reflex Therapy, Hand Reflexology, Japanese Lifting and Lymphatic Face Drainage.

The original Lone Sorensen’s method is based on more than 30 years of practice and experience of the Danish therapist. Lone Sorensen’s biography is the history of face reflexology.

The International Lone Sorensen Institute offers the first world quality professional courses known on all continents; the method was patented in dozens of countries in the world; course participants may join the reflexologists association Global Reflexology Network Face-Foot-Hand.

One of the closest assistants to Lone Sorensen is Polish therapist Robert Włodzimierz Przybyś. He supports Lone Sorensen in her training and therapeutic projects in Europe, Arabic countries and in Japan;

Robert W. Przybyś – therapist since 1998; reflexologist (since 2007 it has been his sole source of income); he has the longest experience in Poland as Temprany therapist; for now he is the only Temprana courses professional trainer in the world besides L. Sorensen; he is authorised to teach SorensensistemTM methods in more than 20 countries in Europe; in Poland he is the only instructor teaching Neuro Reflex Therapy for Face, Hands and Feet (Praxis Vertebralis), as well as Temprana; he has been conducting SorensensistemTM courses since 2010.

In September 2014, the Institute in Barcelona and Polish SorensensistemTM instructors (R. W. Przybyś, Jarosław Sawa and Joanna Szczypek) organized the International Conference “Brain and Natural Health” in Warsaw. Eminent experts from different countries presented the latest achievements in the scope of natural, non-toxic therapies affecting the Central Nervous System.

The Lone Sorensen Institute in Barcelona comprises three departments:

Basic Department –neuro reflex face, hand and foot (Praxis Vertebralis) therapy, classical foot reflexology TCM, Tibetan neck and head reflexology, etc.
Rehabilitation – Temprana Therapy (rehabilitation of neurological and genetic disorders).
Aesthetics – the newest department; based on facial reflexology elements, Lone created Cosmofacial and Japanese Cosmolifting; these are additional techniques for those who want to specialize in aesthetics.

SorensensistemTM is a method recognizable on 5 continents, in 26 countries. The number of trained therapists is as high as 10000. Among them there are more than 60 licensed instructors. Some of them (including Robert W. Przybyś) are closest assistants to Lone, supporting her in therapeutic and training projects all over the world.

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