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Examples of therapy part 2.

Przykłady z Polski cz 2/2:

Migraine headaches

After a series of treatments, Julita got rid of migraines. Previous therapies – and there were many of them – gave no effects.

Facial Pains

Danuta for 12 years has been suffering from face pains undiagnosed. No therapy – conventional or unconventional – gave any longer effects. She felt much better already after the first treatments. After two months of facial, hand and foot therapy by Robert W. Przybyś Danuta says that pain has been reduced by about 60 percent. The effect is lasting, and the patient says that her well-being and joy of life is back.

Ovary and breast cancer

Bożena  had operationally removed big cancer lesions (breasts and ovaries). Because of distance from Warsaw, Temprana Therapy was used. The patient’s sister worked every day with the patient. In spite of intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the patient was fine, she did not lose her hair. Test results are within the standard. (therapy by Robert W. Przybyś)

Speech and memory disorders caused by Parkinson’s disease

Józef  came with disturbances of speech and memory caused by Parkinson’s disease. At the very beginning he had problems with construction of a compound sentence. After 4 months of therapy, he fluently told full stories. His memory improved. For several years he has been in contact with the therapist. In spite of rare treatments now, his condition is satisfactory. (therapy by Robert W. Przybyś)


Tatiana came to Robert W. Przybyś with symptoms of hypothyreosis. Conventional methods gave no satisfactory effects. Examinations after a series of facial reflexology treatments proved that level of hormones was normal. Some time ago, after a long break, Tatiana took several treatments, but this time for another reason.

Having trouble getting pregnant

Bożena (39) came to Robert W. Przybyś with anaemia, digestive disorders and cough attacks. Bożena very quickly responded to therapy and the symptoms disappeared, but she continued treatments. One day she called the therapist early in the morning and said: “I am pregnant. I’m absolutely sure this is due to facial reflexology.” It is the first pregnancy of Bożena, previous trials were ineffective.


Andrzej  felt a drastic change in vision, only after a month of therapy by Robert W. Przybyś. Before I saw only some light and blurry spots, and now I could manage only with the affected eye – says Andrzej in a short movie about effects of the sorensensistem therapy. The additional effect of treatments was pain relief in the knee joint. Analgesic effect occurred very quickly, during treatments. Andrzej learned simple reflex techniques which gave him a quick relief.

Patient (75) came in April 2012. Diagnosis: glaucoma. For more than 10 years she had no vision in her right eye; she was anxious about the condition of her left eye. After two treatments she asked whether it was possible to begin to see with her right eye. After several months of therapy there is no doubt: using only her right eye, she recognizes faces and capital letters of street advertisings. Her hearing improved. )therapy by Robert W. Przybyś)

MS under control

Temprana is also successfully used in adult diseases. Robert W. Przybyś takes care, as a therapist, of Monika nearly from the very first symptoms of MS. After three years Monika runs a normal life. Now she is a mum. Regularly repeated medical examinations confirm her very good condition.

MS and double vision

Some therapists learn sorensensistem methods because they helped their relatives. One of Robert W. Przybyś’ students is Małgorzata whose daughter contract Multiple Sclerosis. The first symptom was double vision. Conventional treatment gave no improvement. After 6 months of therapy, Małgorzata’s daughter forget her problems with vision. Now his mom performs treatments. Małgorzata encouraged by the effects of face reflexology in her daughter now wants to help others.

Churg-Strauss Syndrome

Dorota with Churg-Strauss syndrome came to Robert W. Przybyś after two years of treatment with steroids and immunosuppressive drugs. The symptoms do not end, and the patient significantly put on weight and cataract occurred. After 8 treatments of face and foot reflexology, the results of blood tests radically improved. (December 2012)

Sudden improvement of hearing  

Urszula Maksalon learns secrets of neuro-reflex therapy sorensensistemTM (facial reflexology, Praxis Vertebralis on feet). She herself experienced high efficiency of the methods developed by Lone Sorensen during the course (by Robert W. Przybyś).

Ziemowit – tetraplegia

Ziemowit Dawidziak is 3.5. Since he was 2 months old, he has been suffering from tetraplegia and epilepsy. At the end of September 2014, Ziemek’s relatives had training in the scope of Temprana Therapy and now perform treatments at home. Ziemek’s Dad, Paweł, talks about the observed changes. Ziemowit is under the care of „Potrafię Pomóc” (I Can Help) Foundation For Disabled Children with Malformations. (Temprana Reflex Therapy teacher: Robert W. Przybyś)

Maciej Zientarski – Temprana 6 years after accident

6 years ago, Maciej Zientarski had a serious car accident. Temprana Reflex Therapy course by Robert W. Przybyś.

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