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Examples of therapy part 1.

Przykłady z Polski:

Mucopolysaccharidosis type III A

Arleta successfully fights with a genetic disorder of her 5-year-old son, who suffers from mucopolysaccharidosis type III A, also known as Sanfilippo syndrome, originating from the name of the doctor who described it. Mucopolysaccharidosis is a ‘sniper’ disease. The organism lacks an enzyme which does not break down mucopolysaccharides, which are deposited in cells and damage, among others, the nervous system. Parents of children with Sanfilippo syndrome are in touch exchanging the latest information about available supplements and therapies. Since May 2012, Maciek’s family members, trained by Robert W. Przybyś, have been performing Temprana treatments every day on the child’s face, feet and hands. Arleta, Maciek’s mom, underlines that the effects surprised her. In Maciek, not only developmental regress is not visible, but there is a significant progress. Tests of  the Munich Functional Developmental Diagnosis show that within 6 first months of the use of Temprana, the child made in various fields a progress corresponding to 12 months of development. In the Leiter non-verbal test of intelligence he had a result: 114. The average result of healthy children is about 85-115. Maciek’s mom does not know precise statistics in children with mucopolysaccharidosis, but their results are around the lower end of the standard.

Autism at the age of 19

Sometimes even the first treatment can give great results. It was the case of autistic Kasia (19). At the very beginning of therapy, she started to syllabicate, embraced her relatives, played ball with her brother. (therapy by Robert W. Przybyś)

Disorders of feeling, coordination and speech, autistic features

Helena (4 years) Symptoms: sensory, coordination disturbances, significant delay in development of speech, autistic features. After three months of Temprana Therapy (teacher: Robert W. Przybyś): the previously mute child spoke many words, but did not create sentences, put together puzzles (could not do it before); coordination of movements improved. After further 5 months: Helena creates simple sentences, autistic features were completely eliminated.

Cerebral palsy

Wojtuś Lubiński is 8. In January 2013 his relatives during 3 days learned how to perform Temprana treatmetns and they themselves became Wojtuś’ therapists. „The last year brought a breakthrough in Wojtek’s therapy – says his Dad and adds – the results exceeded our expectations”. With the aid of adults the boy started to walk. His communication with others significantly improved. He pronounces almost all sounds, says words syllable by syllable, signalizes his physiological needs. The family still performs treatments under direction of Robert W. Przybyś.

Neurological disorders – congenital brain defects

In the case of Paulinka (5) with numerous neurological defects, resulting among others from congenital brain defects, her parents tried all therapies available in Poland. They gave significant effects, but the parents still wanted to do more for her daughter. For over a year every day they have been performing Temprana treatments at home. At this time, Paulinka started to crawl. Now, she can overcome even a distance of 200 m. The girl started, with assistance of her parents, to go to the toilet. They developed a way of communication through clapping, as Paulinka still does not talk. Contact with her is better and better. Previously, hypersensitivity to touch within her head was visible. The child did not sleep regularly and frequently cried. It is much better now, and Paulinka starts to overcome barriers in contacts with other children at her age.

Paulinka is making progress! After 3 years, her head circumference has increased (the girl is suffering among others from microcephaly). The parents also talk about other effects of several hundred Temprana Therapy treatments performed at home. (therapy by Robert W. Przybyś)

Ischemic brain stroke





Ernest, a three-year old boy, had an ischemic cerebral stroke in the first days of his life. Before the treatments, his head and eyes constantly looked left. He hardly moved his right hand. He also had infantile convulsions. After several weeks of therapy involving his parents, a great improvement was visible. After 23 months, the only visible symptom is a weaker right hand. After a couple of months his doctor decided that administration of anticonvulsant medicines is no longer needed.  The parents repeat the opinions of specialists who are surprised that with such extensive changes in his brain, the boy is so fit. (therapy by Robert W. Przybyś)

Sensory disturbances in toe – cord’s nerve compression

Agnieszka  lost feeling in her toe and for several weeks could not function normally. Doctors were not able to diagnose the reasons for that, and thus propose an effective treatment. During the first treatment, after diagnosis it turned out that the problem is compression of the cord’s nerve. Already after the second treatment of Robert W. Przybyś, the patient regained feeling in her toe, which is no problem anymore. In addition, after the therapy, the condition of the whole spine improved.

Coma and tetraplegia

Kostek’s health /disease: B-type coma / improves. The boy, drowning in the swimming pool, had brain hypoxia during several minutes. After 3 weeks of Temprana Therapy, he now moves his hands, legs, and head, breaths more freely and eats. (therapy by Robert W. Przybyś)

Spastic muscular tension

The great effectiveness of this method was proved in the case of 6-year old Dawid with right-side paresis treated by Robert W. Przybyś. After only 5 treatments, the spastic tension of the muscle of his hand disappeared. Soon after the boy was in the mountains with his parents and … skied (December 2008). At that time, Dawid did not undergo any other therapy which would explain such spectacular change.

Spinal nerves damage

Hussein (Oman, now 9) in early years of his life had operation of a cancer in the in the lumbar spine section. The operation caused damage to cord’s nerves, which resulted in loss of feeling in his left leg and no control of physiological needs. After 6 months of therapy conducted by his parents, the boy moves fingers of the left foot and goes to the toilet. (therapy by Robert W. Przybyś)

Developmental dyslexia

Another example is therapy of Mariusz (9) who was treated because of developmental dyslexia. After several months of treatments, his school results significantly improved. His Mother told me in September 2009: “Before the therapy, he made five errors in one word, and now only one.” Mariusz made progress in Maths. He has wide interests. (therapy by Robert W. Przybyś)

Paresis of right hand – spinal nerves damage

Many years ago, Ewa suffered from a severe injury which damaged spinal nerves. As a result, she had paresis of the right hand, among others she lost sensation in two fingers. During the fourth neuro-reflexological face and feet treatment (therapist: Robert W. Przybyś), sensation came back. The symptom was a strong pain and feeling of “putting fingers in boiling water”.

Spine diseases

For many months Jarosław  could not walk because of a serious disorder of lumbar areas of the spine /herniation of nucleus pulposus at L5-S1 level/. After several Temprana treatments he could move on his own, and after several dozens more he recovered to nearly to full fitness, and became a therapist.

Anna faced severe spinal surgery, the pain made work in her profession impossible. After several treatments by Robert W. Przybyś Anna could continue her every day routine. Two months later doctors said that no surgery was needed any more.

Stanisława (86) has suffered from spine pains for years. In her case, physiotherapy gave no relief. More or less once a year Stanisława takes neuro reflexology treatments, thanks to which she comes back to active life. (therapy by Robert W. Przybyś)

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