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Hand reflexology


Neuro-reflex hand therapy

The only licensed professional courses in hand reflexology SorensensistemTM in Poland

Neuro-reflex hand therapy  has been developed by Lone Sorensen based on techniques used in Korea. Over 300 points were described on hands, affecting internal organs and body systems. Basic rules of Hand Reflexology are known to thousands of Koreans who use them for themselves and other in their everyday lives.

This technique can excellently replace foot reflexology where it is impossible to work there e.g. in the case of some diseases. Neuro-reflex hand therapy is an excellent tool in auto therapy. You can use it for yourself and others  practically anywhere: at home, in your office, while travelling.

Massages help quickly – and, what is important, without any drugs – get rid of muscular tensions or relieve toothache. In the case of acute or chronic diseases, Robert W. Przybyś recommends auto therapy on hands between facial or foot treatments. During the first meeting, he shows receptors that should be pressed. He also advises how to stimulate them to achieve optimum effect.

Lone Sorensen
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