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Praxis Vertebralis

Neuro-reflex foot therapy

The only licensed professional courses in neuro-reflex feet therapy (Praxis Verebralis) SorensensistemTM in Poland

Neuro-reflex feet therapy (Praxis Vertebralis) relates to Tibetan medicine. Also in the ancient times, Yhom Po, a Tibetan doctor helped patients with various diseases through stimulating their spines and cord’s nerves. It was possible since many diseases are caused by changes at the cord and spinal nerves.

In neuro-reflex feet therapy, it is very important to develop receptors corresponding with the spine and spinal nerves. By appropriate stimulation of feet, one can eliminate faulty posture, muscular tensions and pain, but also improve the functioning of internal organs and body systems. This technique can be used in many acute and chronic diseases. I can tell from my own experience that e.g. in spinal, shoulder, knee pains, it works immediately.


  1. Sorensen developed a special method of work in a big toe. She described over 40 areas corresponding with brain centers and cranial nerves. It enables work with damages or dysfunctions of the central nervous system.

Advanced feet Neuro Reflex Therapy and big toe micro-reflexology are significantly different from classical foot reflexology, based on the Chinese system of energy channels (meridians). Receptors have been indicated in a different way, and work technique is also different.

Lone Sorensen
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