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Face reflexology

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Neuro-reflex facial therapy (facial reflexology) bases on the reflex arch phenomenon. Similarly like on hands and feet, also the head contains points and zones which are connected, through the nervous system, with respective organs or systems of the organism. It has been known for thousands of years that stimulating respective receptors, we can influence on the health condition.

The Danish therapist Lone Sorensen combined in a comprehensive system the achievements of modern neurophysiology, massage techniques of Indian tribes from Patagonia and traditional Far Eastern medicine. L. Sorensen learned, among others, cybernetic method originated in Vietnam. The Vietnamese doctors indicated on a half of the face more than 560 points immediately affecting the central nervous system. An important element of treatments are maps of Dr. Toshikatsu Yamamoto.

Based on many years of experience and tens of thousands patients, L. Sorensen developed a special procedure of treatments. She uses neurological points, but completely different than the Vietnamese doctors. Differently from dr. Yamamoto, she stimulates the zones described by him.

A delicate face neuro-reflex treatment stimulates the brain, activates self-regulation and self-healing processes. It regulates the energy of the organism, improves the action of immunological, hormonal and nervous systems. Due to the proximity of the central nervous system, the operation of treatments on the face is much stronger than of those on feet. Therefore, they may be performed less frequently. Detailed research shows that only in the advance face neuro reflex therapy, the work is performed on the amygdala, responsible for emotional condition and dealing with stress. The treatment is very nice and relaxing.

Thanks to its beneficial influence on the central nervous system, the advanced face neuro-reflex therapy is recommended in rehabilitation of neurological disorders of various origins. It helps in depressive and anxiety disorders, insomnia. Facial reflexology is a very safe technique. There are only few contraindications to perform it, and these are inflammation and bleeding within the area of the face. Series of treatments are recommended once a week, but in the case of damages of brain and spinal cord, massages are performed even every day.

Treatments of Sorensensistem face neuro-reflex therapy help among others in the therapies of: pain of different origins, Parkinson’s disease, depression, migraine, neuralgia, osteoporosis, obesity, paralysis, paresthesia, vision and hearing disorders, multiple sclerosis, circulatory disorders, thyroid disturbances, PMS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Special techniques on the face are used in therapy of infertility, in work with pregnant women and after birth.


You are asking about concrete examples of results of face neuro-reflex therapy? Some of them are described under ‚Disorders covered by therapy’ and under „Media about us” on the home page. Below you will find some more examples of effectiveness of Sorensensistem method in adults:

Bożena (39) came to Robert Przybyś with anaemia, digestive disorders and cough attacks. Bożena very quickly responded to therapy and the symptoms disappeared, but she continued treatments. One day she called the therapist early in the morning and said: “I am pregnant. I’m absolutely sure this is due to facial reflexology.” It is the first pregnancy of Bożena, previous trials were ineffective.

Patient (75) came in April 2012. Diagnosis: glaucoma. For more than 10 years she had no vision in her right eye; she was anxious about the condition of her left eye. After two treatments she asked whether it was possible to begin to see with her right eye. After several months of therapy there is no doubt: using only her right eye, she recognizes faces and capital letters of street advertisings. Her hearing improved.

Tatiana came to R. Przybys with symptoms of hypothyreosis. Conventional methods gave no satisfactory effects. Examinations after a series of facial reflexology treatments proved that level of hormones was normal. Some time ago, after a long break, Tatiana took several treatments, but this time for another reason.

Many years ago, Ewa suffered from a severe injury which damaged spinal nerves. As a result, she had paresis of the right hand and lost sensation in two fingers. During the fourth neuro-reflexological treatment by R. Przybyś, sensation came back. The symptom was a strong pain and feeling of “putting fingers in boiling water”. Agnieszka had no sensation in her big toe. Nerve compression lasted for several weeks. The sensation was regained during the second facial treatment, while working on a definite combination of neurological points.

After a series of treatments, Julita got rid of migraines. Previous therapies – and there were many of them – gave no effects.

Danuta for 12 years has been suffering from face pains undiagnosed. No therapy – conventional or unconventional – gave any longer effects. She felt much better already after the first treatments. After two months of facial, hand and foot therapy by R. Przybyś Danuta says that pain has been reduced by about 60 percent. The effect is lasting, and the patient says that her well-being and joy of life is back.

Anna faced severe spinal surgery, the pain made work in her profession impossible. After several treatments by Robert Przybyś Anna could continue her every day routine. Two months later doctors said that no surgery was needed any more. Stanisława (86) has suffered from spine pains for years. In her case, physiotherapy gave no relief. More or less once a year Stanisława takes neuro reflexology treatments, thanks to which she comes back to active life.

There are numerous examples of immediate elimination or significant reduction of spine, shoulder, hips, and knee pains. Those who have experienced this, including doctors, only smile at any doubts as to effectiveness of reflexology.

The best recommendation for the method are situations where persons undergoing therapy want to learn it to help others. One of the most eminent British reflexologists learned about reflexology in very special circumstances. Now, he offers facial reflexology e.g. in patients with MS. Several from among Robert Przybyś’s patients decided to participate in courses in facial reflexology or other Sorensensistem™ therapies.

An example here is Jarosław Sawa, who is now a Temprana therapist sorensensistemTM instructor.

Lone Sorensen
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