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Sorensensistem TM

SorensensistemTM therapies are approved and registered in the Ministry of Health of Catalonia. They are also recognized by international associations of reflexologists Association of Reflexologists (AoR) and Federation for Holistic Therapists (FHT) in the UK, North Carolina Reflexology Association NCBTMB/ ARCB in the USA, Danish Association of Reflexologists (DDZ) and Irish Reflexologists’ Institute (IRI) in Ireland.

SorensensistemTM instructors in Poland:

Lone Sorensen: Japanese face lifting (module 2), cosmofacial, eye disorders therapy, infertility therapy

Robert Włodzimierz Przybyś: face, hand and foot (Praxis Vertebralis) neuro reflex therapy, Temprana Therapy, further education courses for face reflexologists (list of training courses);

Jarosław Sawa: lymphatic facial drainage, Japanese face lifting (module 1), Tibetan neck and head reflexology, (list of training courses);

Nobody but Lone Sorensen and her instructors are authorized to conduct professional training courses in Poland in the scope of SorensensistemTM. Publishing and use of SorensensistemTM training materials not in conformity with its purpose entails legal consequences.

List of Polish therapists conducting Temprana procedures in accordance with the original program and rules of Sorensensistem

Face reflexology is basic

Sorensensistem™ is a set of neuro-reflex therapies developed by Lone Sorensen from Denmark. The basic techniques of the whole method are face reflexology and feet reflexology TCM. It is facial reflexology on which the Danish therapist based the advanced Temprana Therapy. Some of its elements gave also aesthetic therapies (Japanese lifting and cosmofacial). The face reflexology is based on the knowledge in the scope of neurophysiology, traditional Far East medicine and massage of Argentinian Indians. The basis of world popularity of Lone Sorensen’s therapy are 39 years of therapeutic experience of the Danish reflexologist . In severe neurological disorders, classic feet reflexology proved powerless. Face neuro-reflex therapy, due to the proximity of the brain, proved to be an irreplaceable tool in such cases.

There is no effective therapy without finding subcutaneous deposits …

It is during reflexology courses where students learn for several months how to find and assess subcutaneous deposits, which mark the direction of therapy. Only thanks to it they may properly arrange the plan of therapy, and later on such “base” learn further techniques and continue their education during specialized training courses.  Learning face neuro-reflex therapy is similar to the learning how to play an instrument. It requires time. This process cannot be accelerated. The course takes about 6 months. Reduction of its duration would be risky, as training is not only theory, but also practice. Those who decide to start studying from short specialized training must be aware that they will not have either basic knowledge about creation of the therapy or practical skills, e.g. finding and assessing subcutaneous deposits.

  1. Sorensen’s method became renown because of spectacular therapeutic successes in brain, eye diseases, hormonal disorders, infertility. Lone Sorensen estimates that by now she performed 150 thousand therapeutic treatments. She trained almost 10 thousand therapists (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, UK, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Brazil, Australia, UAE). L. Sorensen trained dozens therapists in the scope of Temprana Therapy, advanced form of rehabilitation of neurological disorders. Temprana was used among others in the Danish “Kurhuset Filadelfia” center where therapy of people with brain damages is conducted. The Danish reflexologist does not stop at her existing achievements and still develops new techniques of work with face and feet.

Protected method

Lone Sorensen takes care of the quality of its method. It is protected by patents in several dozens of countries. Protection refers not only to logo (map of Andean Indians) and all training materials. It also means protection of the method itself. If anyone without respective licence teaches: causal proceedings, i.e. looking for the biggest deposit on the map of Andean Indians (classification of depoists 1-5), classification of reflex areas according to color marking by Lone Sorensen, treatment procedure composed of 7 strictly specified basic steps and respectively adjusted additional techniques, it would mean unlawful copying of SorensensistemTM method. In the best interest of all Sorensensistem therapists and their patients, please notify each such case.

Requirements towards instructors

Professional training courses are conducted by instructors selected by Lone Sorensen, obliged to faithfully transfer knowledge. For that, therapeutic experience must be constantly gathered, contact with the author of the method (knowledge of foreign languages), participation in further education courses, are required. Some of them accompany L. Sorensen in her travels all over the world as assistants supporting her in conducting courses. It is the best way to observe the work techniques of the author of SorensensistemTM. Sometimes it happens that in the case of a poor quality of training courses, L. Sorensen resigns from cooperation with a given instructor. The work of therapists means responsibility and high ethical requirements. We help sick, sometimes disabled children. There is no room here for improvisation and errors.

Currently, in order to be a face reflexology instructor, you have to complete an advanced course in Temprana Therapy (course lasting 1 year, 200 hours of classes; in the USA the contents of professional Temprana course was estimated to comprise 700 hours of university classes). Temprana is a natural path of therapist’s development. Without it an instructor would remain at the level of a basic course, which is the level of students after eighteen months of learning.

Poland: quick development

SorensensistemTM has been present in Poland since 2005. It began with courses in face reflexology, and soon also other techniques. Another milestone was bringing to Poland a rehabilitation Temprana Therapy (Robert W. Przybyś, 2009). Courses of techniques previously presented in Warsaw by Lone Sorensen, are now conducted by Polish instructors (neuro reflex hand therapy, Praxis Vertebralis on feet, and others). In the years 2011 and 2012 Lone Sorensen conducted face reflexology courses (modules 1-5) in Warsaw. The author of the method tried to raise the quality of such training in Poland. Since autumn 2012 the only instructor authorized to teach neuro reflex therapy in Poland has been Robert W. Przybyś. Temprana Therapy still develops. Lone Sorensen has been extending the proposed courses.

Diplomas only from Barcelona

All graduates of the International Lone Sorensen Institute receive the same professional diplomas as their colleagues in many other countries. No SorensensistemTM instructor does not issue his own certificates. A diploma issued only by the Instituto de Reflexologia Facial/Podal International (IRFI) in Barcelona bears signatures of Lone Sorensen and a licensed instructor. Graduates of courses are constantly in touch with the Institute in Barcelona, they receive e-mails informing for instance about meetings with L. Sorensen and additional courses enabling professional growth. If you are a graduate of SorensensistemTM courses, and you do not receive any notice from the Institute in Barcelona, please update your contacts.

International position of the school

Those interested in reflexology, potential patients or therapists, in many cases, while choosing treatments or training courses, bear in mind the low price. Please, for your own sake, check who teaches a given method. Is he backed by a reliable method, sound knowledge, reliability in the past and now, or rather good marketing skills. Internet, like paper, is patient and can suffer a lot. It is particularly easy to use the word “international” in the name. If Lone Sorensen travels 40-50 times during a year, thanks to Facebook you may follow whether she currently conducts a course in Seattle, Muscat or in Tokyo. Robert Przybyś also places information about all training trips. Film or photographic documentation of courses and some therapeutic successes is available. Just have a look at Facebook to notice how popular SorensensistemTM courses are popular in the world.

When you choose a reflexology school, please find out what the word “internationality” means in a given case, what is the actually taught method and what will be stated on the diploma and who will sign it. Sooner or later it will prove to be immensely important in your professional career.

Many times it happens that while choosing therapies or training courses, those interested in

When you choose a reflexology school, please find out what the word “internationality” means in a given case, what is the actually taught method and what will be stated on the diploma and who will sign it. Sooner or later it will prove to be immensely important in your professional career.

 Offer of training courses

The secret of success of Sorensensistem neuro-reflex therapy is the program of education of therapists prepared by Instituto de Reflexologia Podal/Facial International. Instructors are obligated to teach the history of face reflexology since the end of the seventies until now to all students. They also inform about other SorensensisemTM techniques (on feet and on hands, similarly like on the face, therapists are looking for subcutaneous deposits). Participants to Lone Sorensen’s courses in neuro-reflex face therapy (modules I-V) learn in small groups of several people. Students receive high quality training materials developed by L. Sorensen. Except for limited exceptions, all maps are colorful, very legible and precise. Each movement of fingers is controlled by the instructor – students are instructed for hours how to find subcutaneous deposits or how to point cranial lines and points. The course comprises five modules and lasts about 6 months.

The offer of L. Sorensen’s courses is impressive. Apart from face reflexology (neuro-reflex facial therapy), which next to feet reflexology TCM is the “exit” technique, from which it is the best to start learning SorensensistemTM method, and very important additional techniques are: feet neuro-reflexology (Praxis Vertebralis), hand reflexology, Tibetan reflexology of neck and head taught by L. Sorensen.

Graduates of basic courses may enhance their knowledge and improve skills during specialized courses such as: therapy of infertility and hormonal disorders, reflexology in strokes, therapy of eye disorders, cosmofacial (I, II), Japanese cosmolifting, weight control therapy (CosmoBody), face lymphatic drainage, nano patches in neuro-reflex therapy, Arabic Boost treatment. A developed therapy in the case of strokes, infertility or eye disorders is performer after the basic face reflexology treatment. Without sound knowledge in the scope of face reflexology, it is impossible to perform such treatments.  Short courses in aesthetic therapies give no theoretical or practical bases to conduct other than aestetic therapies.

An exceptional role among methods taught by Lone Sorensen is played by Temprana Therapy (’early therapy’), focusing on neurological and genetic disorders. A condition necessary to commence such training is earlier completion of a course in face reflexology (modules 1-5) or TCM feet reflexology (modules 1-7). The advanced course for Temprana therapists takes a year and comprises approximately 200 hours of training in advanced techniques of work on face, feet, hands, brain gymnastics, muscle therapy, supplementation etc. Participants to the training courses write a diploma thesis.

Every year in April, L. Sorensen organizes a ‘training week’ for reflexologists in Costa Brava (Spain). During workshops, the latest techniques in neuro-reflex therapy are presented.

Therapists registered in the Global Reflexology Network Face – Foot – Hand

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