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Training for therapists

Lone Sorensen’s School is, taking into consideration the number of countries where sorensensistemTM courses are conducted, the biggest school of reflexology in the world.

We are pleased to present you our offer of courses in the scope of reflexology. Knowledge and skills gained during courses are proved by diplomas authorizing their holders to perform face reflexology and Temprana Therapy SorensensistemTM recognized by leading reflexologists’ associations in the world. Since September 2014, the graduates of the above-mentioned courses have obtained their diplomas in English, with the following information:

Courses in face reflexology sorensensistem are certified:

– and co-financed by Instituto de Salud de Cataluña IES, Spain

– by DDZ (Danish Association of Reflexology – Denmark)
– by AoR (Association of Reflexologists – UK)
– by Federation for Holistic Therapists (FHT),  UK
– by Irish Reflexologists’ Institute (IRI)
Lone Sorensen, P00124, was approved as a teacher of continuing education by the American Reflexology Certification Board.
The courses are acknowledged and co-financed by: North Carolina Reflexology Association and Center for Healing Arts, NCBTMB, EEUU


Basic training ending in examination and international professional reflexologist’s diploma:

– course in face reflexology, modules 1-5, 80 hours, instructor: Robert W. Przybyś; the final examination may be passed up to 12 months after module 5, later the whole course must be repeated;

Advanced course in Temprana Therapy, modules 1-5, 200 hours, instructor: Robert W. Przybyś

(the condition of starting the course is termination of Facial Reflexology course; the course terminates with a diploma thesis, the graduate obtains a professional diploma of Temprana therapist – the diploma thesis may be filed up to 18 months after termination of the course; after such deadline, the whole course must be repeated; the course in Temprana in Poland ended in October 2012, currently the course in Temprana is conducted by L. Sorensen in Barcelona);

Additional courses (no examination, each module is terminated with a certificate confirming participation in training):

– course in foot neuro-reflexology (Praxis Vertebralis), modules 1-2, 32 hours, instructor: Robert W. Przybyś

– course in hand reflexology, 32 hours, instructor: Robert W. Przybyś

– Tibetan neck and head reflexology, modules 1-3, 48 hours, instructor: Jarosław Sawa

– Japanese face lifting, modules 1-2, 32 hours, instructors: Lone Sorensen and Jarosław Sawa

– cosmofacial (use of reflexology in skin disorders with special emphasis on the complexion), modules 1-2, 32 hours, instructor: Lone Sorensen

– reflexology in infertility, 48 hours, instructor: Lone Sorensen

– therapy of eye disorders, 16 hours, instructor: Lone Sorensen

– Thermie therapy (moxa), module 1 (16 hours), instructor: Lone Sorensen

Lone Sorensen
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