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Temprana: two forms of courses for parents

  1. Full form of Temprana Therapy

In the case of brain damages or genetic disorders, one or two therapeutic treatments per week is not enough. Temprana requires even treatments conducted every day for 1-3 hours for a number of months, or even years. When a family lives long away from a therapist, the work in the therapist’s office cannot be even seriously taken into consideration. In such situations nobody can replace relatives, e.g. parents of the sick child (article about Tempranana Therapy from Reni Jusis’ portal “ekomama”).

A strict procedure of Temprana is required, with no room for freedom. The goal is effectiveness of the method which should be wanted by everybody: instructors, licensed therapists, students, and first of all – parents of sick children.

The introduction to the therapy are consultations (up to 3 hours) with participation of the patient and his relatives, during which the therapist collects information on the history of the disease and performs treatments of face and feet neuro-reflex therapy. Such treatments help making reflexology diagnosis. The therapist states in which receptors there were lesions signaling causes of diseases. Please remember that in Lone Sorensen’s method we use techniques affecting both reasons and symptoms of diseases.

After the first visit, it’s time to develop a long-lasting plan of therapy. It is tailor-made. Each case is treated very individually.

After development of the plan of therapy, it is time for a 3-day course for the family. It is recommended for more than one person to participate in the courses. These could be parents of the sick child, but also further relatives. The therapist provides each participant to the course with a complete set of legible materials. They include illustration regarding both causal and symptomatic procedures in the therapy. Each sequence instructed by the therapist is repeated by the parents until the final result is obtained. After training, they immediately start their work.

Throughout the period of therapy, the relatives keep in touch with the therapist by phone and e-email, informing him about the current condition of the patient.

In the first year of therapy, 3-hour consultations are held once every 3 months, and after that every 6 months. They allow the therapist to assess progress and introduce necessary corrections in the program of therapy.

There is nothing against joining Temprana with other forms of therapy.

  1. Brief Temprana courses for parents

The International Lone Sorensen Institute offers also shorter (lasting 1-2 days) courses in Temprana for the patient’s family. They are recommended particularly in:  autoimmunological diseases (psoriasis, Hashimoto, lupus), diseases of the motor system, visual and hearing disabilities, hormonal disorders, infertility, learning problems, hyperactivity etc. In the case of such courses there are no initial consultations. Consultations after the course take place in the therapist’s office every 3 to 6 months.

Please contact the International Lone Sorensen Institute. The therapist will provide additional information and will help you choose a respective course to the individual needs of the patient.

Note! List of Polish therapists conducting Temprana procedures in accordance with the original program and the rules of Sorensensistem



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