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Ocular therapy

Unique therapy of eye disorders has been developed by Lone Sorensen a few years ago. It combines standard neuro-reflex facial treatments with pressure of selected points and areas around the eyes, on ears and feet.

Special attention should be paid to another reflexological microsystem indicated by the Danish therapist. Points selected from among dozens located around the eyes are precisely pressed with hygienic sticks.

The therapy improves vision in the following eye disorders: myopia and hypermetropia, astigmatism, strabismus, macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract (also in the course of diabetes), dry eye syndrome, corneal abrasion, nocturnal myopia, daltonism, Usher’s syndrome, conjunctivitis.

Example of effectiveness of the therapy:

Patient (75) came in April 2012. Diagnosis: glaucoma. For more than 10 years she had no vision in her right eye; she was anxious about the condition of her left eye. After two treatments she asked whether it was possible to begin to see with her right eye. After several months of therapy there is no doubt: using only her right eye, she recognizes faces and capital letters of street advertisings. Her hearing improved.

Another example of great effects of neuro-reflex sorensensistemTM therapy under link: Brief series of vision treatments sorensensistemTM gave significant improvement in the course of glaucoma.

Lone Sorensen
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